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Woolf & Woolf Optometrists are dedicated to keeping our patients’ eyes healthy and happy. Our vision is to show you a better world by helping you to see it more clearly.

We have been actively involved in the eye care profession for three generations and have more than 70 years of experience treating patients in Greater Baltimore and Annapolis. We’ve watched the industry evolve from hand grinding lenses and fitting them like jewelry to today's modern computerized comprehensive eye exams - and we’ve progressed with innovations in technology.  We now offer one of the most comprehensive diagnostic exams available - and have the very best equipment to help treat and diagnose eye ailments.

Our Values and Mission

Above all else, we are a practice dedicated to patient care and service.  Patients come to Woolf & Woolf because they expect personal attention. We know our patients histories, their families, and all about their special needs.  Our mission is to make our patients happy and healthy, no matter what it takes.

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