Woolf & Woolf Teams Up With Cal Ripken

August 14, 2013

Woolf and Woolf recently joined together with VSP, Transitions Optical and Transitions® lenses ambassador Cal Ripken, Jr. to teach children the impact of healthy vision on the field and in their everyday lives. As part of the outreach event, Dr. Howard Woolf volunteered by educating the kids about healthy vision habits and providing eye exams to area youth in-need onboard VSP’s and Transitions Optical’s mobile eyecare unit “Eyenstein,” while Ripken and his staff from the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation conducted a baseball clinic with the kids, which focused on skills but helped to underscore the importance of quality, enhanced eyesight on the field, in the classroom and its impact on their everyday lives.

"Having good eyesight has had a significant impact on my career and in my personal life," said Cal Ripken, Jr. "It really struck me knowing how many of our youth have vision-related issues and are unaware."

The event was part of a multi-city community outreach effort by Transitions Optical and Cal Ripken, Jr. to help make a difference in the lives of hundreds of youth.

Dr. Woolf spent the day treating patients and educating the Greater Baltimore community about healthy vision habits.

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