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Woolf & Woolf is proud to partner with the Center for Vision Development to offer vision therapy services. The Center is located in our Pasadena offices and also operates a branch in Annapolis.

The center provides vision care following a developmental, rehabilitative and preventative philosophy. Patient care is aimed to help overcome unmet visual needs while improving overall visual performance. Patients are treated with various needs such as learning-related visual problems, binocular vision dysfunctions, strabismus (crossed eyes), amblyopia (lazy eye), traumatic brain injury, autism, dyslexia and attention deficit disorder.

The evaluation process involves a step by step format to determine if a vision problem exists or if vision enhancement is required. The initial evaluation typically lasts one hour and provides a complex look at you or your child’s visual system. If a vision problem is detected, we will perform a more detailed evaluation that tests more than 20 visual skills necessary to learn effectively in the classroom or office. Following this second evaluation, a consultation will be scheduled to discuss results and a detailed vision report.  Treatment may involve the use of lenses, prisms and/or visual-rehabilitative therapy.  All therapy sessions are performed on an individual basis. 

Please note that vision therapy treatment services through the Center for Vision Development are not covered under insurance plans.


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